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WÜSTHOF Logo Relaunch


Fit for the future with our freshly sharpened brand identity

It’s not just our knives that are pointed, precise and purposeful: our carefully honed new WÜSTHOF brand identity reflects the same razor sharp attributes! July 2020 sees the relaunch of our logo - we’ve freshened up our visual identity to demonstrate that WÜSTHOF combines the strong values and traditions of our family business with more modern elements. This balance allows us to showcase the unique heritage of WÜSTHOF while creating space for the brand to grow and evolve. Introducing our new brand design and packaging embodies WÜSTHOF’s core values – a dedication to our craft, the quest for excellence, and a dedication to quality. 

The trident – our iconic symbol

The distinctive trident symbolises WÜSTHOF and is the visual focus for the redesign of our brand identity. The refined yet approachable revamping of our wordmark sees all unnecessary elements removed to create a unified, recognizable logo fit for the future. Clear cut, sharp and to the point, our modern corporate design acknowledges the age-old artisanal tradition of knife-making while symbolising the high-precision craftsmanship embodied in all WÜSTHOF knives.

We want to show buyers how much value there is in a WÜSTHOF knife, starting with the packaging.

Viola Wüsthof

High-quality packaging for modern knife design

Our new packaging presents our kitchen tools - manufactured entirely in Solingen, Germany - in high-quality, transparent packaging or in stylish slipcase boxes, depending on the series. The Crafter, Epicure, Ikon and Aeon series provide an especially memorable unboxing moment, embedded in their distinctive cardboard box and complete with a personal message. In addition to the logo, typography and refined colour scheme, the ‘Cutting Moment’ an angled design element, symbolises the magic of cutting and preparing fresh food while illustrating the true sharpness of our blades.