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Meet the Faces Behind Classic Colour

The vibrancy of our Classic Colour collection was inspired by our own WÜSTHOF employees

An excellent chef's knife might be the most indispensable tool in your kitchen, but it’s also a powerful vehicle of self-expression. That’s why WÜSTHOF Classic Colour is all about the Originals.

Colour is an inherently emotional experience, with each shade evoking a different feeling. We wanted to make high-quality knives that were as unique, vibrant, and distinct as the individuals who used them. Combining expert artisanship with an extra dose of creativity, we expanded on the WÜSTHOF Classic series — "The Original” best-selling knife collection for over two-hundred years — with handle hues inspired by the culinary world.

We loved seeing members of our own team gravitate towards the shades that suited them best, whether it was Pink Himalayan Salt, Coral Peach, Velvet Oyster, Purple Yam, or Tasty Sumac. We loved it so much, in fact, that we asked five of our amazing employees to be the faces of the campaign, complete with photo shoots, interviews, and one spontaneous dance party. Melinda, Richardson, Manuel, Micha, and Sonja showcase just how well the small details in life can highlight our own “Original” spirits. 

Meet The Faces of WÜSTHOF Classic Color

Melinda Yildiz

Supply Chain Management at WÜSTHOF in Solingen, Germany

Melinda brightens up any room. She captivates everyone with her presence as her elegant, relaxed manner lifts the mood. Style is simply a part of her nature, and she always has an original way to combine modern trends with her own independent style. Everything seems easy and stress-free with Melinda, so of course she stays cool, calm, and collected when friends pop over unexpectedly. She loves to confidently prepare fresh dishes with her WÜSTHOF Classic 8" Chef's Knife in Velvet Oyster, particularly spicy starters, and traditional Turkish lentil soup. In her perfect world, a delicious meal is followed by a night out dancing with friends!

The Faces of WÜSTHOF Classic Colour

Micha Stöber

Head of Supply Chain Management at WÜSTHOF in Solingen, Germany

Micha is a quiet guy with a wild side. He throws a fantastic barbecue, and always has his WÜSTHOF Classic 5" Serrated Utility Knife in Coral Peach on hand to bring out his inner rock star. Whether Micha is chopping in the kitchen or lighting up the grill, he loves to transform everyday cooking into a lively, interactive show. He describes himself in multitudes: confident, fun-seeking, and realistic, a lover of quiet evenings in as much as nights out with friends. Wherever his mood takes him, he’ll always bring his energetic, expressive personality along with him. It’s no wonder he's always the life of the party!

The Faces of WÜSTHOF Classic Color

Richardson Paul

Customer Support Specialist at WÜSTHOF in Norwalk, USA

Richardson, a very (very) early morning person, usually gets up before dawn. Why the early hours? He says it puts him in a good mood! Richardson describes himself as relaxed — especially when he prepares his vegan diet. He likes to think freely, and is more likely to riff on a dish than to stick to a recipe. The unique shade of his favourite knife, the WÜSTHOF Classic 7" Santoku in Purple Yam, makes him particularly creative, says the young-at-heart father. His motto in the kitchen: buy fresh vegetables, harvest your own herbs, and don’t forget to add some spice!

The Faces of WÜSTHOF Classic Color

Manuel Molina Fertitta

Marketplace Specialist at WÜSTHOF in Solingen, Germany

Which course would Manuel be in a five-course meal? The answer is easy: A sophisticated and delightful dessert, since he’s the kind of person who happily stays in your memory long after you part ways. Manuel describes himself as honest, happy, and always up for a laugh. Subtly stylish and confident, he conquers everyone’s hearts with his dance moves and charming smile. Manuel is always smiling, especially when he’s in the kitchen with his favourite knife, the WÜSTHOF Classic 3 1/2" Paring Knife in Pink Himalayan Salt.

The Faces of WÜSTHOF Classic Color

Sonja Jandt

Store Representative at WÜSTHOF in Solingen, Germany

Sonja can whip up a simple, soul-satisfying meal in no time flat, and always knows just what to make when friends drop by. She is grounded, emotional, and deep — a lover of heartfelt conversations and cheerful evenings spent with close friends. Sonja is also a globe-trotter and travel aficionado, but when that's not possible, she's happy to go on a culinary trip around the world with her favourite knife, the WÜSTHOF Classic 6" Chef's Knife in Tasty Sumac, reminding herself and her friends of the many delicious experiences she's had abroad.

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