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Wüsthof Amici

4.5" Steak Knife

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Whether you’re firing up the grill or cozying up for a candlelight dinner, it’s the ideal moment for your Amici Steak Knives! Precision-honed to extraordinary sharpness, this knife glides effortlessly through grilled ribeye, filet mignon, chicken thighs, perfectly charred peppers or any meats or vegetables that wet your appetite. A full bolster, the thicker area between the blade and the handle on forged knives, protects your fingers during slicing. The custom-grained Calabrian olive wood handle is naturally water-resistant and antibacterial, and its organic shape fits comfortably in hands of any size.  


Amici combines the sun-kissed Mediterranean spirit of Calabrian olive wood with the timeless precision of a WÜSTHOF blade, creating the perfect premium knife for those extraordinary moments in everyday life – preparing and sharing meals with family and friends.